What’s That Smell In Your Car? Richmond VA

DrivePur’s revolutionary 3-step odor removal system for cars, trucks, boats, and RV’s provide a quick, green, effective method for permanently removing odors from all types of vehicles.

The DrivePur process begins with Smok, which virtually seeks out and penetrates the components of tobacco smoke, tar and nicotine, to remove it without causing any damage to fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.

Followed by an application of Shok, this germ, bacteria and odor neutralizer combined with thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces of the automobile and removal of all sources of bacteria and contaminated materials eliminates all types of odors including spilled beverages, mold and mildew, pets, food, fish, and anything else you can imagine.

Prvnt uses nanotechnology to provide an invisible antibacterial coating which when exposed to UV light breaks down and kills germs

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