Paint Perfection Polishing Car Pool Detail, Richmond, Virginia

While a Clay Bar treatment cleans the contaminants from your automotive paint, Paint Correction removes paint imperfections caused by fine scratches, swirls, holograms, and oxidation on the clear coat, which dulls the shine and makes your car paint cloudy or hazy.

Your clear coat protects your paint. This thin invisible barrier takes the impact of any damage thrown at the exterior surface of your vehicle. On a daily basis, fine dirt, dust, and sand particles fly up and can cause very fine scratches on the paint as you drive; and oxidation is usually the result of inadequate waxing or the lack of a protective sealant to protect your paint.

The biggest offenders, however, might surprise you! Older model automated carwashes that still use antiquated hard bristle brush technology; inexperienced detailers; and Do-it-Yourselfers top that list!

Scratched, Oxidized Hood with test Square
Scratched, Oxidized Hood with test Square

Neglecting to rinse the dirt off the vehicle thoroughly using a lubricating shampoo before scrubbing; and using dirty rags, sponges, and towels when washing and drying, all result in the dirt acting like an abrasive on the clear coat. These common methods cause fine scratches and swirls (microscratches) to mar the clear coat. They do not usually penetrate the clear, but dull the brilliance of the original paint.

Finally, holograms are deeper than scratches and swirls and leave the paint looking smudged. Unfortunately, inexperienced detailers inexperienced at controlling pressure and heat using a rotary buffer, almost exclusively cause them.

Getting these imperfections out is difficult, but not impossible for Car Pool Detail paint correction specialists!

Paint Correction involves removing one to two microns of your clear coat using an abrasive method, followed by buffing it back out to a shine. If this sounds terrifying, keep in mind that a standard sheet of typing paper is approximately 97 microns. Depending on the severity of the damage, your vehicle may require anywhere from one to five stages of paint correction to reach the next sheer layer. Removal of that very miniscule layer of clear will restore your clear coat so the paint can shine through!

Hood after Paint Correction

In order to prevent having to perform Paint Correction on a regular basis, protecting that new layer is as important as correcting it!

After buffing your newly corrected paint out to a brilliant shine, a Car Pool paint correction specialist will recommend protecting that new shine with either a long-lasting wax sealant, or a semi-permanent coating that actually repels dirt and scratches, and keeps your paint shiny, longer.

Ask a Car Pool Detail technician to assess your paint at no charge.

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