Handling Flood Cars Richmond, VA

  Have You Gone Off the Deep End with Automotive Water Damage?

All it takes is a few days of heavy rain, and water begins to rise all across the city, potentially drenching your car and seeping in around the bottom of your doors as your vehicle sloshes through higher than normal flooding.

Water is extremely damaging to your automobile, but you should know that most comprehensive auto insurance covers any water damage or water-related repairs – that is, as long as you take the proper steps in removing the water and any residual moisture it leaves behind. In fact, left–over dampness and moisture, if not properly cleaned, provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Leave it to the Professionals at Car Pool Detail

Car Pool Detail’s experienced and professional staff is licensed and certified in all areas of automotive water salvage and repair, including standing water in the floorboards, leaking windows and sun roofs, drenched carpets, and seeping interior damage of all types.

The most important step you can take when you do experience automotive flooding or water damage, is having it towed, or driving it in to Car Pool Detail for a professional evaluation. Impure water can corrode your automobile’s wire harnessing and rust the metal in the frame underneath your seats and carpeting.

Do not try to shampoo or clean the carpeting yourself. Without taking specific steps to ensure every drop of water and residual dirt is removed, trying to shampoo a drenched carpet can only make matters worse, and in fact, cause the mold and mildew to spread.

Car Pool Detail will safely remove any parts and accessories such as the seats, carpeting along with the underpadding, console covers, etc., in order to clean them thoroughly with industrial equipment and professional grade products made specifically for the automotive industry. Car Pool Detail will not only return your car in like-new condition, but treat it for odor control and bacteria that may affect you and your family’s health.

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