Engine & Undercarriage Detailing

Engine & Undercarriage Detailing

Can you pop the hood?

Are you trying to sell your car? Ninety-five percent of potential used car buyers raise the hood! Car Pool Detail in Richmond has engine detailing services that steam cleans the top and bottom of the engine, a process mechanics use to help find oil leaks as well. If your mechanic has ever forgotten to replace the oil cap, oil will have splashed all over your engine. We degrease the engine compartment by hand to enhance the value of a vehicle for sale.

What about the undercarriage?

You probably don’t want to know what lies beneath your car, but Car Pool Detail in Richmond has undercarriage detailing services that will clean away whatever is hiding there: contamination from roadway salt, oil, engine leaks, dust, dirt, paint, and decomposed carcasses and animal parts caught in or struck by your vehicle.


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