Best Cat Urine Removal Auto Richmond VA

Cat urine in your vehicle can cause significant damage due to the intense odor and staining it creates. Cats often urinate when they become excited or anxious. This most commonly occurs when you are transporting your pet in your vehicle. However, a cat may climb in through an open car window and mark his territory without your knowledge. While there are many different ways that cat urine can be deposited inside your vehicle, the real issue is how to remove it. Effectively removing cat urine involves multiple restorative steps.

 The Difficulty Associated With Removing Cat Urine

Cat urine is quickly absorbed by many of the surfaces in your car. Surfaces such as carpeting, cloth seats and more are highly absorbent materials, and urine can seep into the cushioning and padding underneath the surface areas very quickly. Staining can be an issue, but the odor of cat urine is often more significant. Cat urine is highly acidic, and as it dries, urine crystals are left behind. These tiny crystals will be present on the surfaces of the vehicle as well as deep underneath the surfaces. When they become wet with humidity or your own cleaning efforts, they release a strong ammonia scent. Your own cleaning efforts will remove these crystals on a superficial level, but they will not penetrate and reach the crystals at the deeper levels of the upholstery. This is why the strong odor of cat urine may linger despite your best efforts at removing the stains on your own. There is also a secondary source of odors that can cause the strong scent of cat urine to linger in your car. The unique composition of pet urine coupled with warmth and moisture make it ideal for bacterial growth to develop. As bacteria grows in this area, it can cause a secondary or underlying odor.

 Effective Removal Method

The strong smell of cat odor can be a significant issue for a vehicle owner, and removing it requires skill and expertise. Both the cat urine and related crystals along with bacterial growth will need to be addressed. Effective cleansing techniques involve locating the affected areas of the vehicle with the use of a black light and pH testing device, and flushing the affected area thoroughly with the use of a water claw. This step may need to be repeated numerous times in order to flush out the crystals. After this process has been completed, the area should be treated with special enzymes. Further, the smell of cat urine can also make its way into the ventilation system of the car. The ventilation system often will need to be treated as well to fully remove the smell of cat urine.

Cat urine removal is a significant process that must be performed carefully and with skill in order to enjoy the best results. As a reputable auto detailing company serving the Richmond area, we do offer an effective urine removal service. Through this process, the urine stain and odors can be removed from your vehicle fully. Call us to schedule your cat urine removal service today.

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