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Water Damage Repair

We're the "go-to" shop in Richmond for water leaks.

Wet Carpets? Seepage? Flooding? Leaking Sunroof? Mildew? Musty Odor?

Every year, millions of vehicles fall victim to water, wind, and dust leaks. The severity ranges from minor inconveniences to major problems affecting the vehicle’s mobility. Many leaks are the result of defective manufacturing, and surprisingly, they do not only occur in economy model cars. In fact, automotive leaks are equal opportunity offenders. New luxury automobiles are just as susceptible to leaks as classic import cars and older model economy cars.

Most dealerships, mechanics, and auto body shops are poorly equipped to deal with leaks and often refer this type of work to us.

Our Mission at Car Pool Detail is to repair automotive leaks, clean up the mess the leak caused, and provide comprehensive instructions for after-care.

Our Process

Step 1:  Find leak’s source.

Car Pool Detail utilizes a positive pressure tool to detect the smallest water leak in a door or a window seal. We can also detect and repair water leaks caused from damaged chassis and/or body seams, basic worn weather strips or gaskets, and leakage that occurs when you wash your car or experience average rainfall. This service does not include repairing water leaks caused from engine water pumps.

The process takes about two hours  and our technicians provide an estimate for repairing the problem.

Step 2:  Permanently close the leak.

  • Window Seal Repair – Windows are a major source for wind and water leaks. Our Car Pool Detail experts have years of car window repair experience at fixing leaky window seals that let in roaring wind and even rain around the edges of your windows.
  • Replace Weatherstripping and Gaskets
  • Fire Wall Leaks
  • Sunroof  Leaks
  • Sunroof  Seals
  • Door Leaks
  • Trunk Leaks
  • Auto Body Seam Repair
  • Water Removal – Car Pool Detail technicians can remove water that has been standing in your automobile due to flooding or leaks; replace or repair the area affected, and remove all residue and moisture that causes mold and mildew.
  • Odor RemovalVisit our Mold and Odor section for more information on repairing damage caused from moisture and mildew.


Detecting water, wind, and dust leaks is a technical and complex task. Solutions require the replacement or repair of many different parts.  Costs vary.


Simulating rain.

Leak testing windshield.

Water leak after heavy rainstorm.

Faulty door gasket.

Leak from 4 doors, dashboard, and sunroof.

Leak from all doors, sunroof, and heater box.

Carpet padding is inexpensive and usually replaced.

Wet seat rails transfer rust into carpet.

Removed roof trim to find source of leak.

Plugged drain hole causes water accumulation in door.

We check every drain hole during leak detection.

Plugged sunroof causes cabin leak.

Slight leak from failed window gasket.

Drain hole blocked by leaves.

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